Come join us on Thursday, October 24th, in Mason, Ohio for an Oktoberfest-style open house with 15+ live machine tool demos!

Absolute Oktoberfest

See machine monitoring demonstrations from Mitsubishi, FANUC, and Siemens, and learn how this latest technology can be used and easily implemented to increase your shops’ revenue. Our newest addition, OB7 collaborative robot from Productive Robotics, will be actively machine tending both a mill and lathe, and Mitsubishi’s RV-13 robot will be showing off its material handling capabilities.

Look for additional demonstrations from technology experts in the fields of CAD/CAM software, part probing/tool setting, tooling, bar feeding & loading systems, integrated automation, and ultrasonic cutting for brittle materials.

Also, the new PCI Meteor TS-630V horizontal machining center will demonstrate real twin “independent” spindle design! This machine can cut two entirely different parts within the same work envelope…the two spindles do not have to work simultaneously, but rather independently using two entirely different programs. This is a huge space saver and takes manufacturing flexibility to a whole new level!

Learn how the new smart e-Spindle, from Digital Way, can monitor cutting processes such as forces, vibrations, pressure of cutting fluids, force threshold levels, and measure workpieces all at the same time. This event will be a massive knowledge-meld of universal proportion including German-style food and beer.

So come, relax, and learn more for free at The Absolute Oktoberfest!

Machines on Display
full robot

*LIVE DEMO* Collaborative Automation with OB7 the Smart 7 Axis Cobot.  What’s the 7th Axis about?  Like a human arm, 7 joints give OB7 the flexibility and dexterity to reach “around” objects or obstacles in the work area, and all axes rotate a full 360°.

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Mitsubishi Factory Automation

*LIVE DEMO* Mitsubishi RV-13 Vertical 6-Axis Type 13kg Robot

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*LIVE DEMO* Quicktech S-32ATM 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn with B-Axis & ATC + OB7 Robot

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Quick Tech i42_Robo_pallet-changer_01

*LIVE DEMO* Quicktech i-42 ROBO 4-Axis Mill/Turn with Integrated 6-Axis Robot & B-Axis

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*LIVE DEMO* Tongtai MT-2000 Twin Spindle Twin Turret Multitasking Turning Center with Dual Gantry-style Load/Unload

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Compact Economical High Speed Horizontal Machining Centers

*LIVE DEMO* Tongtai SH-5000P Compact High Speed Horizontal Machining Center

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*LIVE DEMO* Tongtai VP-10 Vertical Machining Center with Mitsubishi RV13 Robot

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Tongtai-A1500 with CNC BR03 Gantry-600px

*LIVE DEMO* Tongtai A-1500 Lathe with BR03 Gantry Loading System

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LICO Multi-Slide Mill/Turn Centers

*LIVE DEMO* LICO LND65D-S3 10-Axis Twin Spindle Multi-Slide Mill/Turn Center

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LNT 42S-ColorCorrected-Patched

*LIVE DEMO* LICO LNT42S-S3 11-Axis Multi-Slide Screw Machine

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Nexturn SA32PYII

*LIVE DEMO* Nexturn SA-32-PYII 8-Axis Swiss Lathe

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Nexturn Swiss SA-20B with Barfeeder Package for $124,900

*LIVE DEMO* Nexturn SA-20B 7-Axis Swiss Lathe with TRACER 20 Barfeeder

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*LIVE DEMO* Johnford DMC-1500H Bridge Mill

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Johnford SV & VMC Series 40-Taper Vertical Machining Centers

*LIVE DEMO* Johnford SV-40 Machining Center with Box Ways & Geared Head

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*LIVE DEMO* Johnford SL-500 Horizontal 45° Slant Bed Lathe

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YouJi YV-600A Vertical Turning Center

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AL-600SA-new-ps edits-600px

AccuteX AL-600SA 5-Axis Submerged Linear Motor CNC Wire EDM with W-Axis (driver & wiring), Automatic Wire Threader, MST Fine Surface, PCD Cutting Circuit, MARPOS Probe w/3D Function

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AL-600SA-new-ps edits-600px

AccuteX AL-600SA + Z400 5-Axis Submerged Linear Motor CNC Wire EDM with Extended Z-Axis Travel & Automatic Wire Threader

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AccuteX AL-560SA 5-Axis Submerged Linear Motor CNC Wire EDM with 0.1mm Wire & Wire Chopper

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Manual Die Sinkers

AccuteX DS-430S-ZNC60A Manual Die Sinker with 60 Amp Power Supply, COC-280, KE-4 Cooler & Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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