Nexturn Swiss Lathes

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Nexturn Swiss lathes are engineered to maximize accuracy and economy in the production machining of precision parts.  Nexturn Swiss CNC lathes include basic guide-bushing-equipped machines with maximum bar capacities from 12mm to 38mm diameter; removable guide-bushing machines from 20mm to 38mm capacity, and non-guide-bushing machines with 26mm to 51mm bar capacity. In addition, Nexturn provides turret type non-guide-bushing sliding-headstock machines to process 45 mm, 56mm and 67mm diameter bars.

Six different CNC Swiss lathe series are designed to meet specific production and economic requirements:

  • B Series: 7-Axis economical model with 22 tools in 12, 20, 32mm
  • P Series: 7-Axis premium model with 22 tools in 20, 26, 32, 38mm
  • PY Series: 8-Axis premium model with 26 tools in 20, 26, 32, 38mm
  • XII Series: 9-Axis complex machining possible with B-Axis in 20, 26, 32, 45, 51mm
  • XIII Series: 11-Axis, 3 channel complex opposing gang tooling system with 29 tools in 32, 38, 45mm
  • NST Series: 11-Axis, 3-channel turret equipped, 39 tools in 45, 56, 67mm bar diameter

Nexturn Co., Ltd. is located in South Korea and has been providing quality machine tools to Asia, Europe and the Americas for many years. Nexturn occupies a modern facility with a capacity of building 50 machines per month. Nexturn has been listed on the KOSDAQ (Korean stock market) since 2006.

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Nexturn Swiss Lathes