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Item / Model i-42 ROBO
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i-60 ROBO
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Main Spindle Capacity
Max Bar Working Capacity 1.65″ 2.36″
Max Turning Length 9.8″
Spindle Speed Range (std) 6,000 RPM 4,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 15 HP
C-Axis Increment .001°
Travel and Feed
Rapid Traverse Rate 1,181″/min.
Tooling System
Tooling Type Gang Tool / Servo Y-Axis / KM-25 Quick Change
Number of Turning Tools 6 O.D. (5 + 1 Cut-Off) & 5 I.D.
Square Shank Size .75″ (20mm)
Boring Bar Capacity .75″ (ER-20)
B-Axis 360°
B-Axis Index Time .3 Seconds 90° / .6 Seconds 360°
Number of Live Tools 6 (3 Axial/3 Radial) (12 opt.)
Live Tool Spindle Motor 2 HP
Live Tool Spindle Speed 4,000
Live Tool Shank ER-20 Collet
Type Mitsubishi S Series
No. of Axes 6 Articulated
Drive System Mitsubishi AC Servo Motors
Position Detection Method Absolute Encoder
Load Carrying Capacity (Max/Rated) 13.2 lbs. / 11 lbs.
Position Repeatability ± .0008″
CNC Control Mitsubishi M80A
Machine Dimensions with Chip Conveyor 132″ x 60″ x 77″
Machine Weight 6,050 lbs.

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i-42 ROBO – Mill/Turn Center with Integrated 6-Axis Robot

Showroom Demo: Quick-TECH i-42 ROBO CNC Single Spindle Turning Center, B-Axis, MITS M80A Ctrl, Built-in MITS 6-Axis Robot, Multi-tray Pallet Stacker, 6000 RPM, 15HP, 42mm Bar Capacity, 400psi Coolant System, Parts Conveyor, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor, Bar Feed Interface (AMT – Mason, OH)


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