Hitman Industries Precihole Gun Drilling Machine

Absolute Machine Tools is excited to be heading back to Shot Show & Suppliers Showcase in 2022. Look for us in our new booth location #40554!

Why is Absolute Machine Tools exhibiting at Shot Show and Suppliers Showcase?  Well for many years, Absolute has been the sole U.S. importer/distributor of Precihole Machine Tools Ltd.  Precihole has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the world’s largest producers of deep hole drilling and hole finishing machines for the worldwide defense and firearms industries. The company specializes in medium to high volume production of super precision gun barrels for military and civilian use. Precihole, located in Mumbai, India, is also one of the main suppliers of gun barrels to the Indian army and their machine tools are being used in countries throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Precihole services a variety of industries including defense, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas exploration, medical equipment and many more. They have extensive engineering expertise to meet the demands and qualifications of gun manufacturers and diverse military government defense departments around the world.

The gun barrels pictured below represent a complete range of small arms caliber weapon systems from 0.223 caliber all the way to 50 BMG. Most popular rifle calibers such as 5.56 (0.223), 7.62 (0.308), 9 mm and 12.7 (50 BMG) are shown here and were displayed in our booth in 2020.

Shot Show PicturesMaterial is certified 4150 and has been customized by Precihole for use in military grade barrels based on 30+ years of manufacturing experience.  These barrel blanks have been gun drilled, pull reamed, precision honed, and button rifled. Also on display in booth were 12-gauge shotgun barrels that have been gun drilled and honed, along with 0.177 and 0.22 air gun barrels.

Precihole exports machines to over 25 countries in 5 continents. These gun drilling machines offer optional length to diameter ratios of up to 125 with 2 and 4 spindle configurations, 1-4 axes, and can incorporate multiple types of automation. BTA/STS models are also available for drilling large bores into shafts, and Button and Cut Rifling and Vertical Honing machines add to the range and versatility this brand has to offer.

Barrels on display at booth

The barrels above were on display at Absolute Machine Tools’
Booth #52439 at Suppliers Showcase in 2020!

Precihole is proud to offer world-class productivity solutions and guaranteed performance over the life of their products. Their range of machinery includes:


These machines are capable of manufacturing barrels in all calibers for small arm weapon systems.

Machines Displayed in Booth 40554

Quicktech T8 Hybrid Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center

Watch the T8 in Action!

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SA-20B 7-Axis Swiss Lathe with
TRACER 20 Hydrodynamic 12′ Magazine Bar Feeder

Watch the Nexturn SA-20B in Action!

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Twin Spindle Gun Drilling Machine with independent slides GVN40C copy-600px

Precihole GVN-C Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machines with Counter Rotation

Watch the GVN-C Series in Action

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