Absolute Machine Tools is excited to be heading back to Shot Show & Suppliers Showcase in 2023. Our new booth is #72246 in Caesars Forum! Our Supplier Showcase booth is the same, #51806

From ShotShow 2022:

*LIVE* Nexturn SA-20B Swiss Lathe Firing Pin Demonstration

Why is a Swiss machine the most efficient way to cut a firing pin or similar part? That’s easy —because of the diameter to length ratio of the part. The firing pin has a small diameter with a tight tolerance compared to the length. The ability to utilize the guide bushing that comes standard on the Nexturn Swiss lathe to take heavier depth of cuts with higher accuracies justifies its use. Cutting a part such as the firing pin on a conventional lathe could encounter issues with tool deflection and surface finish quality. So come to Absolute Machine Tools’ booth #40554 and see for yourself! Click here to read more

*LIVE* Quicktech T8 Hybrid Mill/Turn Center’s .223 Bolt Demonstration

What made this part a perfect application for a CNC mill/turn center? Again, that’s easy — because the Quicktech T8 mill/turn center allows for flexibility, eliminating the need to manually transfer the part to a vertical milling machine, which would have to be equipped with a rotary table or some type of trunnion to finish it. Dropping this part complete using a CNC mill/turn that has an exceptional price point, flexibility, and tooling capacity for this size market is a win/win for all. This type of CNC machine opens the doors for a lot of shops to machine this part, or similar parts, quickly and completely in a “done in one” style process. Visit Absolute Machine Tools’ booth #40554 to see for yourself! Click here to read more

Automate Barrel Production using Precihole 4-spindle gun drill and Mitsubishi RV-7FRLL-D Industrial Robot*LIVE* Automate Barrel Production using Precihole 4-spindle gun drill and Mitsubishi RV-7FRLL-D Industrial Robot

Want to increase barrel production? Can’t find employees? Want to run lights-out production? This is the easiest question yet —Absolute Machine Tools is excited to demonstrate for show attendees an automation cell using a Mitsubishi industrial robot loading and unloading a four-spindle gun drill.

Precihole’s four-spindle gun drilling machine permits deep drilling of four barrels simultaneously. An open machine configuration facilitates robot access, minimizing operator involvement and supporting 24/7 operations. Depending on individual model configurations, the machine can drill IDs from 0.04” to 1.57” and barrel stock from 1.0” – 4.0” OD.

The Mitsubishi RV-7FRLL-D industrial robot has a payload capacity of 7kg and a maximum reach of 1503mm. To see this cell in action, stop by Absolute’s booth #40554 in the Venetian Expo Convention Center on Level 1.

Applications Engineers Will Be on Hand to Answer All Your Questions!


Installation of a new gun drill automation cell featuring a Fanuc robot and Precihole 4-spindle CNC gun drill, pull reaming and button rifling machines.



Machines Displayed in Booth 40554

Alex Churbock, Regional Sales Manager at Absolute Machine Tools, introduces Shot Show 2022 CNC machines on exhibit.

Quicktech T8 Hybrid Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center

Watch the T8 in Action!

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SA-20B 7-Axis Swiss Lathe with
TRACER 20 Hydrodynamic 12′ Magazine Bar Feeder

Watch the Nexturn SA-20B in Action!

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Precihole GVN-C Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machines with Counter Rotation

Watch the GVN-C Series in Action

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