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Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show (WIMTS) 2023

Absolute Machine Tools at the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show 2023

WIMTS 2023Absolute Machine Tools will be exhibiting in Booth #427 at the 2023 Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show, October 3-5 at Wisconsin State Fair Park Exhibition Center!

PMPA Logo 2023Show dates and times are as follows:

  • Tuesday, October 3rd 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 4th 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, October 5th 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Top 12 Reasons to Attend WIMTS

  • EXPLORE:  Interactive displays and live demos with the latest in CNC machine tools, automation, tooling, and other suppliers.
  • EXPOSURE:  The show is local and easy to get to, so bring your team and find solutions to make your shop more productive and profitable.
  • EVALUATE:  Discuss applications with multiple suppliers and industry experts all in one place to help facilitate informed purchasing decisions.
  • DISCOVER:  Find more efficient, affordable, cost-effective processes you may have never considered or even knew were available.
  • INTERACT:  Don’t take a salesman’s word for it, instead watch live demonstrations with your team, allowing them to share ideas, information, and formulate solutions.
  • CONNECT:  Go outside your comfort zone and connect with other professionals in the industry that will be good partners in the future.
  • NETWORK:  Find new solution sources by discussing your challenges, even if the exhibitor does not offer the product, they may be able to refer you to a supplier that can help.
  • UNCOVER:  Find new solutions or ideas that can be brought back to the shop and implemented for continual improvement.
  • UPGRADE:  Streamline your manufacturing processes with the latest machinery, tools, technology, and expertise that allows your company to remain relative and competitive.
  • ENERGIZE:  Take members of your team to WIMTS, allowing them to know that they are important to the company’s overall success.  It’s a great way to build relationships, foster comradery, and boost moral.
  • INSPIRE:  Be a leader and promote education in manufacturing by registering company interns or employees’ kids that may be interested in working in manufacturing in the future.
  • FAMILIARIZE:  Leave the show with a better understanding of the products and services available to you and your team.  A tradeshow such as WIMTS allows you to be in control by visiting various exhibitors in one place that fit your shops specific needs.  Remember, tradeshows are different from an open house because there’s hundreds of exhibitors at WIMTS rather than one supplier showing off their limited product offerings.

Featured Product

LIVE DEMO - Nexturn SA-20B & TRACER 20 Bar Feeder

The Nexturn 7-axis Swiss SA-20B / FREE TRACER 20 Bar Feeder will be running a live demo making brass knife sharpeners. This demo will include cuts such as turning, milling, grooving, and tapping operations. The SA-20B Swiss lathe will be operational with its partner the TRACER 20 Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeder. The TRACER 20 operates with both fixed and sliding headstock CNC lathes. It accepts bars up to 12’ long and bar diameter capacity of 3mm to 26mm (0.118” – 1.023”). Material can be round, hexagonal, square, and uniform or random in length. TRACER 20 is available in both left and right-hand configurations. Thank you to our partner Weiland Chase for providing the brass to make our demo complete!


Featured Product

LIVE DEMO - You Ji 320ER Vertical Turning Lathe

The You Ji 320ER Vertical Turning Lathe will be in action at WIMTS.  The YV-320ER has a small footprint operating in a right-hand concept.  Pair this CNC machine with its twin, YV-320EL, and you have side-by-side left and right operations doubling productivity!  Easily integrate automated machine tending with an industrial robot for a simple and complete automation package!


Featured Product

LIVE DEMO - Seiki 380 Drill/Tap Center with OB7 Stretch Cobot & Master Interface Unit

The Seiki UT-380 Drill/Tap Center will be making aluminum bottle openers and include cuts such as milling, undercut grooving, and scribing operations. The machine will be automatically tended by a 7-axis OB7 Collaborative Robot from Productive Robotics. A specially built Master Interface Unit (MIU) will also be on display with OB7. Absolute’s new MIU is a device that establishes communications between the robot and machine, allowing integration to be simple, affordable, and quick. Customers don’t have to task themselves looking for signals and reading complicated wiring schematics. Absolute’s MIU takes care of this internally with the machine’s PLC, using a simple Ethernet connection. This cell will demonstrate how easy automation can be. If you’re thinking of implementing automation or a similar cell in your manufacturing processes, come see us at the show!


Machines on Display at WIMTS 2023

OB7 Stretch Collaborative Robot
from Productive Robotics

Watch the OB7 in Action

Seiki UT-380 FAST
Drilling & Tapping Center

Nexturn Swiss SA-20B with
FREE Tracer 20 Bar Feeder
Package Price Starts at $139,900
TRACER 20 Bar Feeder Valued at $26,900
(incl. installation of bar feed only)

Learn more about Nexturn Swiss/TRACER 20 FREE Bar Feeder Offer

You Ji YV-320E Vertical Turning Lathe

Absolute Machine Tools