Look for Absolute Machine Tools in Booth #509 at SOUTHTEC

SOUTHTEC is a prominent manufacturing trade show held at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. It is part of the Manufacturing Technology Series organized by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) and AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology).

The event brings together manufacturing suppliers, distributors, and equipment builders from across North America and around the world. With hundreds of exhibiting companies, SOUTHTEC provides a platform for attendees to explore the latest technologies, services, and solutions that can contribute to the growth of their businesses.

At SOUTHTEC, visitors have the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons of different technologies and equipment, discover integrated solutions, and stay informed about industry trends and forecasts. The trade show aims to facilitate connections and networking among industry professionals, fostering collaborations and knowledge sharing.

The event features a wide range of exhibits covering various aspects of manufacturing, including 3D printing/additive manufacturing, advanced materials, automation, machining, metrology, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and more.

SOUTHTEC also offers a series of workshops and presentations by industry experts, where attendees can delve into innovative processes, materials, and best practices. These sessions provide valuable insights and expertise to help energize manufacturing operations and drive advancements in the industry.

The trade show attracts over 6,300 attendees, with 75% of them having a role in purchasing decisions and 36% having manufacturing equipment budgets exceeding $200,000. Exhibitors at SOUTHTEC have the opportunity to engage face-to-face with these decision-makers and showcase their products and services.

By bringing together key decision-makers, technology suppliers, and thought leaders from diverse manufacturing disciplines, SOUTHTEC aims to advance manufacturing progress and contribute to the growth and development of the industry.

Absolute Machine Tools