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PCI-SCEMM manufactures CNC machine tools and provides turnkey production line solutions. The company, based in Saint-Etienne, France, began operations in 1917 by producing weapons and diesel engines used in generators.

In 1938, the Peugeot Group created the Society for Construction and Exploitation of Materials and Engines (SCEMM) to manufacture aircraft engines for Hispano and diesel engines worldwide. The automotive company, Citroen, purchased SCEMM in 1950, making it a subsidiary of the corporation. Then, in 1998, PCI was formed and became a part of SCEMM, adding a much-needed mechanical aptitude department providing production line planning to its core offerings.

In 2008, PCI-SCEMM launched the Meteor GL line of horizontal machining centers based on Lean Manufacturing principals. PCI joined Tongtai Group in 2015, and in 2018 established an agreement with Absolute Machine Tools to become their exclusive importer and distributor in North America.

Today, PCI-SCEMM employs 130 people and has hundreds of installations worldwide. The company’s focus is to provide manufacturers with the following options and services:

  • Powerful, robust and reliable high-speed machining centers
  • Turnkey production line engineering and installation
  • Special-built machines
  • Process machining engineering
  • Retrofitting
  • Reconfiguration and modifications of machines and production line layouts

Research for the purpose of improvements in both PCI-built machines and customers’ processes for production is key to the company’s success. Because of PCI’s relationship with Absolute Machine Tools and Tongtai Group, we are able to provide customers with the most technologically advanced engineering solutions. This not only satisfies some of the largest and most demanding end-customers, but also ensures we are providing the most valuable options and cost-effective solutions that boost their profitability.