QuickTECH Multi-Axis Multi-Spindle Mill/Turn Centers

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QuickTECH Machinery, a division of Tongtai, former Hitachi Seiki OEM, has been manufacturing high precision, high production CNC mill/turn centers for more than 20 years. The QuickTECH line places an emphasis on technology, performance, rigidity, compact design, and the ability to manufacture complex parts with reduced cycle times, all combined in a cost-effective package.

QuickTECH multi-axis multi-spindle CNC mill/turn centers allow manufacturers to produce complex workpieces in one complete cycle. These lathes can turn a workpiece and apply rotating tooling operations, such as milling and cross-drilling, with higher accuracies (no re-chucking), and reduced set-up time.

Absolute Machine Tools is the exclusive distributor of QuickTECH Machinery in North America. The QuickTECH machines in our product lineup include:

  • I-42 and i-60 Ultimate: These machines feature unique bar processing capabilities and complete parts machining, including all complex milling functions.
  • i-42 and i-60 ROBO: The ROBO series features an integrated 6-axis high speed Mitsubishi S-series robot that can load, unload and turn parts over automatically.
  • i-42 and i-60 Twin: These unique bar processing machines offer complete parts machining, including all complex milling functions.
  • i-42 and i-60 Eco: The Eco offers mass-production capabilities in a cost-effective design, providing single operations parts machining with all complex milling functions.
  • T8 HYBRID: This 9-axis twin spindle CNC mill/turn center comes standard with 2 turning spindles, 2 live milling spindles, B-axis, and a minimum capacity of 38 tools.
  • S32 ATM: This machine was made specifically for small complex parts featuring 9 axes, 2 turning spindles, B-axis milling spindle and a 24 tool arm-type automatic tool changer.

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