Mitsubishi Electric Automation invites Absolute Machine Tools A+ Automation Team to co-exhibit at Automate 2022

  • When: June 6-9, 2022
  • Where: Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, Michigan
  • Hosted by: Association for Advanced Automation (A3)

We are excited to announce that Mitsubishi Electric Automation has invited Absolute Machine Tools to exhibit the Seiki KT-420L CNC Drill/Tap Center with Mitsubishi’s LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotics Cell in booth #1023 at Automate 2022. The LoadMate Plus was designed and built as a joint project between Mitsubishi Electric Automation (MEA) and Absolute Machine Tools.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation is a global leader of industrial robots and saw the need to fill the gap between collaborative robots and all-out industrial robot automation cells. The gap is not only realized by the difference in technology but price, too. Collaborative robots cost anywhere from $25,000 – $45,000. Full automation industrial robotics cells typically cost anywhere from $75,000 on up. The gap between $45,000 and $75,000 needed to be filled, so MEA called upon their Diamond Partner, Absolute Machine Tools, to work with them to design a mid-level automation cell that was both easy to use and affordable. The result was the LoadMate Plus Machine Tending Robotic Cell.

LoadMate Plus is a compact, heavy-duty portable robotic cell that can host anywhere between a Mitsubishi RV-5 collaborative robot up to an RV-20FRD industrial robot. It is designed to be fully enclosed and can be easily moved from machine to machine … just roll it! The LoadMate Plus can handle payloads up to 20kg and reaches up to 1,388mm with a starting package price of $49,900. Click here to watch a video, or for more information email Absolute Machine Tools at

Because Absolute Machine Tools is a value-added partner of MEA and co-creator of LoadMate Plus, it only makes sense to exhibit a live demonstration of the unit’s capabilities integrated to a working CNC machine tool at Automate. The LoadMate Plus will tend parts on Absolute Machine Tools’ Seiki KT-420L CNC drill/tap center in booth #1023. So, if you’re looking for something a little heavier than a collaborative robot without the complexity of an industrial robot, cage, and conveyors, stop and see the Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus automation cell at Automate 2022.

To learn more about our Mitsubishi LoadMate Plus™ Machine Tending Robotic Cell click here to watch this video:

Look for Absolute and Productive Robotics’ booth #626 at Automate 2022

Made in America! Yes, that’s right, Absolute Machine Tools offers collaborative robots made right here in Carpentaria, California. These robots or “cobots” do not require programmers to operate. So how do you program them you ask? You don’t because these cobots “learn” by “teaching” them the task at hand by moving the arm with your hands to establish your pick points. Simple pre-programmed commands with the touch of a finger can be dragged into your program, such as:

  • Waypoint (move)
  • Pickup
  • Place
  • Output (for the Cobot to signal a command to the CNC)
  • Wait for Input (for the Cobot to receive a command from the CNC)

Before you know it you’ve taught the robot a job, and now you are free to go about your business while OB7 continues to work for you.

Look for Absolute and Productive Robotics’ booth #626 at Automate 2022

In Absolute and Productive Robotics’ booth #626 at Automate, you too can get the opportunity to:

  • Teach our user-friendly OB7 collaborative robots (cobots) with zero programming — right in our booth.
  • See our cobots in action demonstrating various tasks to speed up production and increase efficiency.
  • Engage with our robotics experts and learn how simple it is to implement a cobot into your production processes.

Even if your business has another brand of collaborative robots, stop by and play with an OB7 collaborative robot from Productive Robotics. The more educated you are on the latest simple-to-use technology, the easier it is to decide on your next collaborative robot purchase.

Model OB7-Stretch OB7 OB7-Max 8 OB7-Max 12
Payload 4 Kg / 8.8 lbs. 5 Kg / 11 lbs. 8 Kg / 17 lbs. 12 Kg / 26 lbs.
Reach 1250 mm / 49” 1000 mm / 39” 1700 mm / 66” 1300 mm / 51”
Price for CNC Package* $34,900 $34,900 $45,900 $45,900

*The CNC Package contains: Control Tablet, PRI EoAT Gripper, Work Table, Stand, I/O w/8 digital inputs & 4 analog inputs & 2 channels, 4” Pneumatic Air Vise, CleanTech 160mm Chip Fan, Robot Arm, Software, Computer, Control Handle, 1-Year Hardware Warranty, 1-Year Free Software Upgrades

To learn more about OB7 Collaborative Robots from Absolute Machine Tools, click here to watch this video:

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