You Ji VTLs

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You Ji has earned its reputation from building many one-of-a-kind, heavy-duty, highly-rigid vertical turning lathes in the world. You Ji specializes in making large VTLs that have turning heights up to 20′ and table sizes up to 315″.

You Ji Machine Tools exceptional engineering capabilities have been featured in many major publications throughout various industries including Modern Machine Shop, Manufacturing News, Manufacturing Engineering, Gear Technology, Today’s Energy Solutions and Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.

One cover story included American Vulkan’s rare VHL machine; it’s a Vertical Turning Center with a Horizontal Ram. “Having both a vertical and a horizontal ram on a large VTL is a critical advantage. The added flexibility enables the company to finish some of its biggest coupling components in one setup to a level of precision and surface quality not attainable otherwise.” says Thomas Lehner, Vice President.

You Ji is now considered a world-leading builder of large custom VTL machines. Absolute has sold, installed and serviced more than 2,000 You Ji vertical lathes here in the United States and in such countries as Mexico, Canada, Romania, China and India.

You Ji VTLs