Join Absolute Machine Tools in partnership with NYMAT Machine Tool Corp for an Affordable Automation Open House.

The open house will be held at NYMAT’s Fairport, NY facility on Wednesday and Thursday, September 15 – 16, 2021 from 10am to 4pm. Absolute Machine Tools will be demonstrating multiple affordable automation solutions from manufacturers such as Nexturn, QuickTECH, LICO, and Productive Robotics.

A Nexturn 7 axis Swiss Machine with a Tracer 20 will run production parts with automatic bar feed loading. Also shown will be a LICO CNC Screw Machine, which can put up to 5 tools in a cut simultaneously.

For parts that require mill/turn operations, QuickTECH will be demonstrating how to reduce setups and produce higher quality parts with less cycle times. The QuickTECH will have an OB7 cobot from Productive Robotics demonstrating machine tending to further reduce cycle times and improve productivity. Other machines will feature built-in pallet systems and automatic parts loaders, and a 5-axis machining will be demonstrated to show the benefits of the fastest growing technology in metal machining.

Come enjoy refreshments while learning how to make your shop more productive!

Machines on Display
full robot

*LIVE DEMO* Collaborative Automation with OB7 the Smart 7 Axis Cobot.  What’s the 7th Axis about?  Like a human arm, 7 joints give OB7 the flexibility and dexterity to reach “around” objects or obstacles in the work area, and all axes rotate a full 360°.

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Quick Tech S32_2-600px

*LIVE DEMO* Quicktech S-32ATM 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn with B-Axis & ATC + OB7 Robot

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LNT 42S-ColorCorrected-Patched

*LIVE DEMO* LICO LNT42S-S3 11-Axis Multi-Slide Screw Machine

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*LIVE DEMO* Nexturn SA-20B 7-Axis Swiss Lathe with TRACER 20 Barfeeder

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