EDM Machines

What makes AccuteX EDM machines a serious contender to the industry’s most well-known brands?

All AccuteX EDM machines come standard with the industry’s best and most reliable Automatic Wire Threader. How can we stake this claim? Because AccuteX’s patented annealing wire threader is proven every day by the best sources … our customers. One gun manufacturer performs over 750 wire threads per day and another manufacturer claims thousands of hours of unattended operations due to the reliability of AccuteX’s patented wire threader.

AccuteX EDM also prides itself on the fact that our automatic wire threader has the lowest maintenance of any of our competition. Again, how can we prove this? Well, one customer claims the only tool they need to maintain their AccuteX threader is a Q-tip. With nearly 100% threading success rate, AccuteX EDM machinery has a 15 second spark to spark cycle time, saving manufacturers material, time, and money.

Intelligent Corner/Arc control is active from roughing to finishing cycles, controlling critical functions to dramatically improve corner accuracy and finish. By controlling power through the wire, flushing, and servo motor function, the AccuteX Wire EDM can create high precision, quality results in any shape workpiece.

SD-Master ensures machining repeatability by stabilizing high speed machining and wire breakage, making cycle times and deliveries reliable and predictable. With AccuteX’s SD-Master there is no need to customize cutting conditions and program wire offsets because the SD (stabile discharge) unit is capable of dealing with changing conditions in workpiece thickness and water flushing requirements during high cutting speeds. By stabilizing conditions, AccuteX’s SD-Master also reduces the risk of wire breakage, improving your shop’s throughput.

AccuteX Wire EDM machines come in four model types. Our AL (linear shaft motor) Series is AccuteX’s fastest and most energy efficient submerged-type wire EDM. The AU Series consists of both large moving column (extended Z-axis) submerged-type and open table flushing type wire EDMs. AccuteX’s newest is the GE Series machine. Generally economical, the GE Series has many of the same standard (and optional) features as the other AccuteX EDM models, starting at $89,900. AccuteX EDM also offers a full line of ancillary EDM machines such as EDM drills and EDM die sinkers in both economical ZNC and multi-axis CNC models.

AccuteX Technology was founded in 1991 after a group of top research and development engineers from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) launched the first PC based wire cut EDM machine. The core technology, hardware, software, controller and discharge power supply was provided to OEMs such as Chmer, Jiann Sheng, Maxsee, Sure First, and Joemars, who in turn successfully monopolized the Japanese and Swiss wire EDM markets.

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